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About Us

Server has been developed by Chaos Cops And Robbers Community and the development started within september of 2017.
Server is currently in Build 4.

Development Stage

Check here our timeline regarding development.

13 October 2017 

Official Creation of community

Server was in development stage more than 4 years but due to several reasons the development was always stopping. However, somehow we decided to step further and make our dream reality bringing server from Hades. Created a website, a forum and a fresh communty. Here we are!

15 October 2017

Build 1 Launch

Server was going to be a major part of our community so we had to launch server very soon to check for bugs. Updating it would be a major key to success. Build 1 had dozens of problems and issues that were fixed.

19 October 2017                         

Build 2 Launch

Server was still in BETA and after fixing dozens of bugs we had to add several new features to server to keep it fresh and up to date. We added lots of cmds and cool features for players to have.

30 October 2017                         

Build 3 Launch

After Build 2 we were really excited about the potential of the server. Staff was really interest in the project, so that motivated us all. Fixed more dozens of bugs and issues but added even more features for every class. Now server was really organised and you could see the real CCNR.

20 December 2017

Build 4 Launch

Server is going to have the latest and up to date Build 4 which means the official opening of the server. Dozens of features have been added for classes. GUI changes. Modern variety has been brought to server. More ranks, robberies, side jobs, systems and information about everything.


Regular Donator 

$ 1.5 per month
  • No Taxes
  • 15% discount on toys System
  • 5% discount on vehicle purchase
  • VIP Chat
  • Weapon Tints Feature
  • 15 % discount at vehicle tuning system

Premium Donator

$ 3 per month
  • No Taxes
  • 35% discount on toys system
  • 15 % discount on vehicle purchase 
  • VIP Chat
  • 50% discount on Weapon Tints
  • 25% discount on Vehicle  Tuning System

Platinum Donator

$ 5 per month
  • No Taxes
  • 45% discount on toys system
  • 25% discount on vehicle purchase
  • VIP Chat
  • 65% discount at Weapon Tints
  •            35% discount at Vehicle            Tuning System

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